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The city of Elda, the seat of the Shoe museum, is an industrial centre in the Valencia Community. The most important industry is footwear; mostly high quality shoes and advanced design.

In the middle of the XVIII century the first information about the existence of a craft activity, closely connected with shoes, appears in Elda.

From 1850 till 1885 the shoe industry had a consolidation process making this industry the first economical activity in the area.

At the end of the XIX century, the village of Elda had a lot of big shoe manufactories with an employment of more than 400 workers for some of them.

Between 1960 and 1970, the local shoe industry of Elda has made a very big expansion. It was also the beginning of the conquest of several extern markets.

The museum is organized in four sections:

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Documents - Archives
Books, documents referring to the internal life of the factories, catalogues and so on. This section also includes works of art related to footwear; diplomas, pictures etc..

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Shoes - Models
Old an recent shoe collections, awarded models and reproductions of historical models

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All kind of manual tools of the shoemaker. Measurement tools and several objects, very often made in rudimentary way.

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An extensive range of machinery from the end of the XIX century. Here we can follow step by step the technical evolution of the footwear industry.

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