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Associação Portuguesa dos Industriais de Calçado, Componentes e Artigos de Pele e seus Sucedãneos
Rua Alves Redol,372 4000 PORTO(PORTUGAL)
Tel:351 2 5074150 - Fax 351 2 5074179



Brands: Alfa
Contact: Isabel Oliveira
Zona Industrial do Orreiro, 3700 S.JO√O DA MADEIRA
Tel: 351 256880580 - Fax: 351 256880589
We are a Portuguese shoe manufactory with a production of 600 pairs/day. We produce mostly for big brands for the European market. We make sneakers ladies, mens shoes, mocassins, boots, strobel construction, vegan shoes and young fashion. We would like to enlarge our business. We are looking for an agent or distributor that knows the market. Contact us to discuss better this matter.

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Contact: Jorge Pinto
R. Manuel Pais Vieira Júnior, 10, 3700-309 S. JOAO DA MADEIRA
If you are a well introduced agent in european and extra european markets we are willing to integrate you in a challenging and highly motivating project. We produce ladies leather footwear in the medium/high segment and are implementing a program of expansion into new markets. Your application to become an agent for our brand ÉMAGINE must include presentation with refercences and experience details.

366 logo
Contact: Rui Rosende
Rua da ponte, Campelos, 4810 GUIMARAES
Tel: 351 253479480 - Fax: 351 253479489
366 Shoes is a very confortabel and fashion brand, we already sell in some European countries, but we are trying to get some more Agents, if you are interested please contact me.

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Brands: Codizo - Petrika - Scrap
Contact: Luis Cardoso
Apartado 4 - Longra 4610 FELGUEIRAS
Tel: 351-255-341105 - Fax: 351-255-341108
We have a staff of 195 people and produce 2.000 pairs/day, having all the necessary equipment and specialised staff, using Goodyear, Pratik, S. Crespim, Mocassin, and Assembled systems.

Contact: André Melo
Apartado 1, 3720 018 CARREGOSA
We are a portuguese footwear manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience working for several international renamed brands. We have all the necessary equipment and specialised staff, using Cemented, Goodyear, Pratik, Mocassin, and others systems as well. We have the capability to produce almost all kind of foowear (man, woman and children) with the quality you demand and you are looking for as well in smaller or larger series and quantities. We also have a modeling / creation department and we are able to work from your designs and according to your specifications or to present you our own models. We are developing an environmental certificate system and a RH and social responsability system as well. We would be very gratefull if you could reply to us sending us your comments or inquiries.

Brands: Hugo Manuel
Contact: Carlos Sampaio
Barroco - Lagares, 4610-404 FELGUEIRAS
Tel: 351 255 311 606 - Fax: 351 255 314 384
Major Portuguese Leather Footwear Manufacturer working since 1987. Medium-High Quality - Ranges: Men's, Women's & Childrens - Construction systems available: Cemented, Moccasin, Strobel, Sole Stitched, Stich & Turn, California, S. Crispino, Pratik.

Brands: GOA - GO2 - Calceatu
Contact: Miguel Moreira
Zona Industrial Cavadas, Apartado 150, 3721-908 VILA DE CUCUJÃES
Tel: 351 256885060 - Fax: 351 256885069
Portuguese lady shoe's manufacturer

Contact: Jorge Pinheiro
Rua de Agra, 4615-585 FELGUEIRAS
Tel: 351 93 431 59 10
As a major footwear manufacturer in Portugal for ladies, men and children, we can supply any kind of shoes & boots. We manufacture high quality footwear for affordable prices and fast delivery. We have our own collections and we can also create exclusive styles based on your own designs. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to request more information, pictures or samples.

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Contact: Luís SIlva
Rua Mestre de Avis - Devesa Velha, 3701-909 S. J. MADEIRA
Tel: 351 256200900 - Fax: 351256200901
The "New Classic Experience" presented by IBERICO brand recreates the classic and traditional shoe giving it a more relaxed and practical character, reflecting the contemporary and modern man lifestyle. Inspired on the lifestyle of the great cosmopolitan cities worldwide, IBERICO replaced the need of wearing shoes by experiencing feelings, where the rigidity leads to flexibility and softness, creating a flexible shoe, lightweight and comfortable. The experience gained over more than 50 years in the production of men shoes, enable continuous monitoring of man's shoes evolution, tastes and needs. The knowledge acquired all over the years helps to identify and decide in advance, in the making of this line of products. For a more formal or more relaxed use, IBERICO presents a careful collection based on comfort for the modern man.
New IBERICO Shoes collection
The cosmopolitan modern man lifestyle, inspired IBERICO to create its new collection which, with the use of soft leathers, flexible soles and new construction solutions, giving a comfortable and flexible performance to the products, leading smoothness and harmony while walking. The special attention to this product materializes in a design that meets small details which results in a shoe, fitting the contemporary man. Whether to use in a more formal or more casual situation, this new collection aims to be a new experience.

Brands: Jovita
Contact: Hugo Freitas
Avenida dos Arcos do Sardão, 351, 4431-601 VILA NOVA DE GAIA
Tel: 351 227860000 - Fax: 351 227827515
ladie shoes - portugal quality shoes - high heels - private label - factory - germany - spain - france - EUA - brazil

 Leira logo
Brands: Walking to Fly
Vítor Ribeiro - Cunha
Rua do Fojo, 284, 4610-433 FELGUEIRAS
Tel: 351 255314888 - Fax: 351 255313156
We are a shoe manufature specialized in women and children footwear. Based in one of the most important centers of footwear in Portugal we are available to receive new projects from our costumers. We also can develop collections for our costumers with our best devotion. Our production is about 700 pairs / day, and currebtly we produce for some of the most well known brands of the world. For any question or further information about our company or projects, feel free in contact us.

Contact: Liam Donnelly
Burgo, 4540-226 AROUCA
Tel: 351 256948364 - Fax: 351 256948365
We are a manufacturer of Ladies and Mens casual shoes with growing markets in Portugal, Spain, and other European countries. We are looking for experienced agents to develop our market in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us by phone or email.

Netos logo
Rua Antonio Luis Costa, 100, 3701-909 S. JO√O DA MADEIRA
Tel: 351 256 202640 - Fax: 351 256 832155
Our production is very flexible. We have the technology and the up-to-date machinery to make several lasting systems: CEMENTED - STITCH-DOWN - STROBEL. Our main products are: Baby - Kids and Youth footwear - Orthopeadic sandals for men and ladies - Comfort shoes for ladies - Since many years we produce several lines for very important European brands.

Ocnarf logo
Brands: Ocnarf
Contact: Franco
Ribafria, 2475-040 BENEDITA
Tel: 351 262929254 - Fax: 351 262928594
Safety footwear manufacturer since 1980. Nitrile Rubber and PVC/Nitrile outsoles direct molded on the leather upper.

Contact: Lourdes Henriques
Rua Alto de Mirões, 3700-618 CESAR - OLIVEIRA DE AZEMÉIS
Tel: 351 256 850 240 - Fax: 351 256 850 249
We are a Portuguese footwear manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the production of any type of ladies footwear using the assembled system. With a staff of 50 people we can produce about 600 pairs per day with a medium-high quality and at affordable prices. We have our own collections and we can also create exclusive styles based on your own designs. At the moment we are producing mostly for big brands for the European market (Markets such as: Germany, Holland, Spain, France,...etc). We would like to enlarge our business. If you are interested in us don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact: JosÈ Gomes
Mata - Barrosas, 4620-616 LOUSADA
Tel: 351 255 331441
We are a shoe manufacturer company from Portugal, and we have a great experience in the shoe business. We are prepared to help you on the ellaboration of your collection and take care of it. We have our own collection. If you are interested feel free to contact us.