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2014 - Nov 17/A
We have for sale PU injection rotary 12 pairs stations machine - 2 pcs with moulds very good price. Also we have complete line for leather welts production - new one. Next we have machine for rubber soles production with 5 shelves. To this machine we have roller for preparing rubber.So is complete line for rubber soles production. Please contact us for details.
Woitek Czerniak
Spichrzowa, 14, 62200 Gniezno (POLAND)
Tel: 48 605987559

2014 - Jul 22/A
We have for sale: 43 pcs. injection moulds for 4 types and 19 sizes (23-45 European sizes) plastic slipper production. The production practicable on traditional injection moulding machine (horizontal machine)or carussel machine. The raw material practicable soft recycled PVC with foamy additional material. The production is quick and economical. The parts (sole and top) make separate. After come the decoration with film paint on top. The sole and top will be complete with sticking. The product is easy, comfortable, wear resistant, waterproof. Mould's price (netto): 16.000 EUR. More informations per e-mail
Tamas Szily
Plastic Product Hungary Kft.
Timót u. 2. 1097 Budapest (HUNGARY)
Tel/Fax: 3612476779

2014 - May 22/A
We have available for sale a lot of different outsole moulds for TR and PU soles.
Industrialna, 44, 5300 Gabrovo (BULGARIA)

2014 - Apr. 18/A
We have for sale: 1 Donzelli Rougher and 4 1 pair incoma finish lathes. They are all 240 volt 3 phase. Lots of spare parts, motors, arms, knives and numerous small parts. Interested? feel free to contact us.
C.L. Clark
Clark General
P.O.Box 838, 72476 Walnut Ridge (USA)
Tel: 1 870.886.6711

2014 - Mar. 17/A
We have for sale one DESMA direct injection machine PU PU 24 Station with one Roughing robot. The machine is from 1997. If you want more details and pictures, please send me a mail.
Dessan Ltd.
Ataturk Mah, 34000 Istanbul (TURKEY)
Tel: 902163285752 - Fax: 902164611471

2014 - Feb. 07/A
We have for sale: PRESMA-OMR SF80/4A. Finishing machine for lasts working with two pairs with automatic setting of the girth and the lenght by the electronic device. Price 18.000,00 Euro
Luis Antonio Garrigos Dia
CL Los Montes, 5 - 03600 Elda (SPAIN)

2014 - Feb. 07/A
We have for sale: One Adler 105-64 Harness machine. Interested ? Send us a mail.
Sewright Sewing Machines
Primrose Close, SS89YW Canvey Island - Essex (U.K.)
Tel: 44 7768342299

2013 - Sep 26/A
For sale - italian machines for the production of shoes - used and in exellent condition,due to the closure of 3 factories in Italy and Bulgaria. All the machines are for mounting, heels, soles, adhesives application, heel and sole preparation. Various types of machinery at the lowest prices in the E.U. - All the machines are in Bulgaria and can be tested and shipped,transported. Please for a complete list of items, photos, technical literature and prices,feel free to contact me at the email and tel.number provided. Some of the items - SABAL 80/FA,NEVE Vigevano - mod. SAD87,INTERCOM S.A.S. for the aplication of water based adhesives with precision tool,GARFAS - mod. AOR 5,Elettrotecnica B.C. - mod.287 and others.
Pesci Bulgaria
2500, 1 Industrial str. 2500 Kyustendil (BULGARIA)
Tel: 359896383636

2013 - Sep 12/A
For sale Polyurethane foaming machine LP model, Suitable for rigid polyurethane system. 250 + 250 kg jacketed tanks, Rotodel - SS positive displacement pumps, Telemecanique PLC Hardened alloy steel mixing head with material recirculation facility, High speed mixing, high pressure laminar discharge, open frame construction, maintenance free design. With additional 1. Drum transfer pump & chiller unit 2 Nos Power : 2.5 Kw. 3 phase, Air pressure : 5 bar
Kishan Bopaiah
Ajit Industries
16, Pushpak Farms, New ban, 560062 Bangalore (INDIA)
Tel: 91 9845829797

2013 - Ago 05/A
We have for sale:
a Desma 12 station and a Desma 10 station TPR/PVC upper direct injection two colors shoe machine. Model 703 - build in 1991.
Feel free toc contact us for more details

Mohammad N
958, Enghelab Ave, 1133767435 Tehran (IRAN)
Tel: 98 912 380 46 08

2013 - May 28/A
We have for sale: a BGM 40-station carousel, fully automatic, dual-density and PLC controlled. Great machine. $25,000 or offer. Will fit into 20ft container for transport.
Boss Products
40, Sinclair Road, 375 Dandenong (AUSTRALIA)
Tel: 6139792199 - Fax: 61397923699

2013 - Mar 25/A
We have for sale injection machines for heels, top-lifts, TR-PVC-TPU soles. One, two or three colors. Second hand moulds for children, woman and man soles. For any question don‚t hesitate to contact us by Email.
BP - Shoe Components
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 5, 35027 Noventa Padovana (ITALY)
Tel: 39 049 5918458 - Fax: 39 049 5918457

2013 - Jan 25/A
We have for sale a Desma 24 station tpu-pu upper direct injection shoe machine. The model year is 2000. It is all with the robots working machine.
Omer Yilmaz
Esse Shoes
Yenibosna, 34197 Istanbul (TURKEY)
Tel: 90 5322122720 - Fax: 90 2126569911

2013 - Jan 22/A
I have 14+ pieces of large shoe making/repair equipment due to a unusual circumstance. I have pictures via a shutterfly link or can show it by appointment to those who may be interested in purchasing it from our non-profit organization.
Terri Carrigan
Urban Conscious Living
5929, E 38th Avenue, 80207 Denver (USA)
Tel: 1 720-838-4401

2012 - Nov 06/A
We have for sale Banana BGM 12 pairs stations with 3 colors system. Also to this machinev we have oven, mixer for polyol, trimming machines GP 1 and others. Please contact us.
Woitek Czerniak
Spichrzowa, 14, 62200 Gniezno (POLAND)
Tel: 48 605 987 559

2012 - Oct 03/A
We have for sale several machines used on production in our company
Gusbi automatic rotary machine : 2 sets
- Spec; Turntable P803 (80 station),3-axes pouring tralley,Mixing unit (100 + 20L) PU73,Control board,Mulicolor System (20L),Washing tank
PU rotary machines : 2 sets
Spec :Main Turntable (48 station),Casting unit body,Working tank (40L),Reserve tank (80L)
PU conventional puoring machine
Spec : Conveyer lines ( 100 stations),Mixing head, working tanks 3 sets(40L),Resrve tank 3 stes(80L)
Plastic Injection machines ( made in Korea)
- One color : 4 sets for 200 Tons and 7 sets for 250 tons
- Two colors : 1 set for 220 tons and 1 set for 300 tons

Dongwon, Jeon
Taekwang MTC VINA co.Ltd.
Lot E, road 5, Long binh, 71000 Bien Hoa, Dong Nai (VIETNAM)
Tel: 84-90-3719997 - Fax: 84-61 3892986

2012 - Jul 25/A
We have for sale in our warehouse second hands machines for heels, top-lift and tr soles. Plastak, Presma and Negri Bossi are the brands. Good opportunity for a cheap price. For any request with photo do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail
PB Shoe Components
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 5, 35027 Noventa Padovana (ITALIA)

2012 - Jul 11/A
We have for sale a British United Number 6 Harness machine. Feel free to contact us for more details.
Sewright Sewing Machines
Haven Road, SS80NG Canvey Island (ENGLAND)
Tel: 447768342299

2012 - May 16/A
We have for sale complete TR soles and TR welts company with full production lines. For details send an inquiry by E-mail.
Reymonta,10 - 62-200 Gniezno (POLAND)
Tel: 48 61 4263362

2012 - Jan 20/A
We have a shoe sole mould casting plant for sale with complete technical know how and all the equipment. We can give you a demo of the process along with details of suppliers of raw material used. For more details please mail me.
Sumit Marwah
13/45 Charbagh, Shahganj, 282010 Agra (INDIA)

2012 - Jan 19/A
I have for sale: an EVA injection moulding machine, (6 station single injector machine made by Tienkang Taiwan). The machine is in immaculate condition and working perfectly fine. It is capable of producing all EVA products specially footwear: - Complete EVA shoe or slipper - EVA clogs - EVA outsole - EVA Rain boots - EVA Baskets - EVA caps etc. It is as good as new machine, feel free to contact if you have any queries regarding the machine. Pictures and live demo via skype upon request.
Plot no.76 St.5/5, 7400 Karachi (PAKISTAN)
Tel: 92-321-9255779

2011 - Nov 17/A
We have for sale: Injection machines for PVC and TR soles for shoes. 2 Lorenzin Vilor and various MG machines. For very interesting prices and for immediat shipment. Please contact us by Email.
Salah Nettah
C/Maestro Manuel Serrano, 18 bajo D, 03160 Almoradi (SPAIN)
Tel: 34 639669370 - Fax: 34 966782331

2011 - Aug 03/B
We have for sale a Kingsteel EVA machine with 6 stations - 2007 Model in excellent condition
Karan Devgun
DADMI Technologies India Pvt.
IA-10B ashok vihar phase, 110052 New Delhi (INDIA)
Tel: 919899356346

2011 - Aug 03/A
We have for sale 2x Injection Moulding machines Maingroup: 1x MAINGROUP SP480/2, Two stations, Two colors, Year:2000 - 1x MAINGROPU SP380/3, 3 Stations, Monocolor, Year:1996 - For Pictures and Prices, please send us an email
Ricardo Mota
Alpormaq, Lda.
Rua João de Deus, 5, 3700-498 Arrifana (PORTUGAL)
Tel/Fax: 351 256 826441

2011 - Jul 14/A
We have for sale : an Elitron Cutting machine Elicut K1 2003 model. For more information pictures and price please contact us by Email.
Ufuk Kücükler
Dessan Ltd.
34000 Istanbul (TURKEY)
Tel: 902163285752 - Fax: 902164611471

2011 - Jun 20/A
We have for sale one stitch down toe lasting machine Cerim Model K-80 in very good conditions and for an excellent price
Pablo Herrera
Leon Machinery Co.
Margarita 314-5, 37420 Leon (MEXICO)
Tel: 52(477)122-9631 - Fax: 52(477)3122701

2011 - Jun 10/A
I have for sale 1. Comeltz SS20 Skiving machine. 2. PMF Germany full automatic hotfoil stamping/embossing machines and various other shoe machines. Interested, feel free to contact me
100, The Broadway Southall, UB11QF West London (U.K.)
Tel/Fax: 44 0208 571 5901

2011 - May 15/A
We have for sale bridge press ATOM G888 in working condition. We have also other machines for sale.
sv.l.b.mandica 111k, 31000 Osijek (CROATIA)

2011 - Mar 17/A
We have for sale an Injection moulding machine MAIN GROUP, 2 Stations, 2 Colours - Great Conditions
Alpormaq, Lda
Rua João de Deus, 5, 3700-498 Arrifana (PORTUGAL)

2011 - Feb 02/A
I have for sale a full rebuilded Donzelli rougher SGR 180. 15.000,00 Euros.
Luis Antonio Garrigós
Los Montes, 5, 03600 Elda (SPAIN)

2011 - Feb 01/A
We have a few shoe machines for sale including a last lathe. Please check out this URL for pictures and details.
Don Lamson
824, Chambers Ave Suite A- 81631 Eagle, Colorado (USA)
Tel: 1 970-328-6870

2011 - Jan 25/A
We are selling our 2D Graph Tech Digitizer & MicroScribe 3D Digitizer with included carry case for the Footwear or others Design Cad/Cam System.
Naveed Anwar
Johar Town, 54770 Lahore (PAKISTAN)
Tel: 923009423260

2011 - Jan 09/A
We have for sale: Incoma SF80 - Incoma SV200P Rougher - Comelz SS15 Skiver - 2 Linham Grading mach... vise and shears... Best offers......
John Latinette
4 Hunters Hill ct. 01760 Natick (US)
Tel: 1 399-204-3847

2010 - Aug 12/A
We have for sale a BGM 40 Station PU shoe soles machine complete with tanks. For any further detail and pictures you can contact us by Email.
Leszek Gutwinski
Kasztanowa 1 - 49-318 Skarbimierz (POLAND)

2010 - Jul 26/A
We have for sale: A complete shoe making factory machinery. The equipment we supply is from Italy and Taiwan (made in 1999-2000). We can send pictures on your request. Feel free to contact us.
Egejska bb, 6000 Ohrid (MACEDONIA)
Tel: 389 46252212 - Fax: 389 46260308

2010 - Jun 22/A
I have for sale: an EVA injection moulding machine, (6 station single injector machine made by Tienkang Taiwan). The machine is in immaculate condition and working perfectly fine. It is capable of producing all EVA products specially footwear: - Complete EVA shoe or slipper - EVA clogs - EVA outsole - EVA Rain boots - EVA Baskets - EVA caps etc. It is as good as new machine, feel free to contact if you have any queries regarding the machine.
Plot 76 Metroville site Karachi, 74400 Karachi (PAKISTAN)
Tel: 92 321-9255779

2010 - Jun 21/A
We have for sale PU shoe soles machine type Banana 12 pairs (and 18 pairs) new model with all accessories needed.
Budowlanych, 62200 Gniezno (POLAND)
Tel: 48 605 987 559

2010 - Jun 02/A
We have for sale: Teseo's high speed multi cutter specific for cardboard -punch 1.6-3.0 mm dia -micro punch 0.6 mm dia -pen, three tools, which are also suitable for cutting plastic, allow cutting perfectly and any type of sheet. Single user and in good condition.
Bahar shoes co.
Jabl al taj, 11145 Amman, (JORDAN)
Tel: 962795972336 - Fax: 96264785979

2010 - Jun 01/A
We currently have embroidery machines available for sale ranging from single head machines to multiple head machines (6,12,15,18 and 20 heads) including machines made by Tajima and Brother. If you are looking for any machine that is used in the shoe industry we can find it for you at a great price! Just let us know what you are looking for and within 24-48 hours we will have a quote plus photographs sent to your e-mail showing you the machine(s) that is(are) available.
Dan Rivas
Maquina de Leon
Col. Real Providencia, 37530 Leon (MEXICO)
Tel: 52-1-477-217-9364

2010 - May 31/A
I have completely reconstructed hydraulic swing beam cutting machine USM SB-20 for sale. - 370 x 570mm arm - 20t pressure - 20 tons of cuttng force - Dimension of arm: 370 x 570mm - Working area: 900 X 450 mm For more information and pictures contact us by Email
Karel Polasek
Hradska 1398, 76001 Zlin (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Tel: 420774986409

2010 - May 27/A
We have for sale: a brand NEW OTTOGALLI machine direct injection PVC/TR, packed never been opened - Model: IDD6-18 stations-6 colors-6 injections- For any further detail you can contact us by Email.
TTN Machinery
01100 Viterbo (ITALY)

2010 - Apr 16/B
We have two DESMA direct injetion machines for sale. One is 24 stations RU/RU injection machine. The machine is 1998 model but fixed and renewed in 2010 so it is brandly new. There is one combi robot with the machine and the total price is 510.000 Euro. Second one is 24 stations TPU/PU injection machine. The machine is 2001 model but it needs some repairing. There is one roughing robot with the machine. The total price is 280.000 Euro. If you want more detail, you can send an e-mail.
Gunesli, 34010 Istanbul (TURKEY)

2010 - Apr 16/A
We have for sale - full shoe belt convyer 9mtrs - 2mtrs convyer - heatactivater - sole stiching machine - Feel free to contact us for further details.
Chennai Shoe Lasts
31/14, Kamarajar Street, 600050 Chennai (INDIA)
Tel/Fax: 91 4442846218

2010 - Mar 24/A
We have for sale: 3 X Gusbi 40 Station polyurethane machine Complete with Tanks. - 2 X Painting Machine Mantegazza - 3 X Plastic injection machine MT10. Feel free to contact us for more details. Krikor Nalbandian
Moneysworth & Best
501, Rowntree Dairy Road, L4L 8H1 Woodbridge (CANADA)

2010 - Mar 02/A
We have for sale, 2 SGRT 180 Donzelli Roughers $40,000 each, 5, 2 FN 70 2 pair hydraulic finish lathes $20,000 each, 2, FN 70 non hydraulic 2 pair finish lathes $5,000 each, 2, 1 pair Incoma finish lathes $5,000 each, 2, Seidls rough and finish lathe $3,000 each, and 1 Kimbal lathe 1/2 pair $3,000.
Spencer Bruce
Jones & Vining
1500 North East Front Str. 72476 Walnut Ridge, Arkansas (USA)
Tel: 1-870-886-6621 ex 11 - Fax: 1 870-886-1847

2010 - Feb 07/A
I have for sale 1 FN-70 Donzelli twopairs finishing machine,1 Donzelli onepairs roughing machine, 2 Seidl onepairs roughing/finishing machines,1 Incoma onepairs machine,device for cutting blocks to slide-hinged lasts,chain saw to cut inside blocks space for springs.Donzellis are fully regenerated and calibrated,only Incoma need service(belts,knives).Price for all is 30.0000 euro.
Marek Nowicki
Warszawska, 94, 05075 Warszawa-Wesola (POLAND)