Contact: Akther Alam
1/1 Sonatongar, Zigatola, 1209 DHAKA Tel: 88028631042
We are the manufacturer of the finest quality of Cow, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo Crust and Finished Leather. The management team of the Alam group company ltd is highly professional and dynamic, comprises of professional executives and qualified technologists.

Contact: Makim Uddin
House 96/2-D, Moneswar Road, 1209 DHAKA
Tel: 8801715408232
The important products of our company are: Cow crust & finished leather - Full chrome/Semi chrome/Full vegetable/Semi vegetable/Ecological - Buffalo crust & finished leather - Full chrome/Semi chrome/Full vegetable - Goat crust & finished leather - Full chrome/Full Vegetable/Chrome-free (ecological) - Cow lining crust & finished leather - Buffalo lining crust & finished leather - Cow/Buffalo wet blue split, Crust split and any other color drum dyed splits. - Cow & Buffalo head crust and finished leather

Contact: Shohag
135/C-2 Sher-E-Bangla Road, Hazaribag, 1209 DHAKA
Tel: 880175407890 - Fax: 880-2-8651544
We are a professional enterprise profoundly committed in producing and marketing various types of leather. Our main product is Buffalo Sole leather. We have been producing Buffalo Sole Leather for 40 years. The reputed footwear companies use our Buffalo leather as the sole of shoes, Sandals, Moccasins, Loafers, Boots. Simultaneously we produce Crust, Lining, Vegetable and other article as per customerís order. Since our establishment, we have been developing high-end technology for diversified market niche and we have trained up a highly productive team of staff to satisfy our valuable customers. We supply all types of Crust, vegetable, wet blue split, crust split and others types of leathers as per customer demand. Our customer-demand philosophy has been a winning edge to our clients all over the world.

Contact: Saiful Kamal
128/B Zikatola, 1209 DHAKA
Tel/Fax: 880 864764
Our company produces cow and goat, full chrome, semi chrome and vegetable tanned crust and finished. We do comprehensive study on every single requirement and follow strict commercial requirements of each buyer and our office offers a wide range of services. Raw materials selection when required in order to construct own designed models or an entirely new label program. Jointly work with suppliers' product dept. in order to create new label lines or simply add to producers' collections. Supervise your purchase making sure the goods you receive are those you have ordered. Control on respect of contracts, working programs and deliveries, quality control during production process and final spot check before shipment. And most of all, we keep constant communication with your office and with producers. Ask us for samples and prices for your current requirement.

Contact: Maudud-E-Alam
6/1, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Hazaribagh, 1209 DHAKA
Tel: 880-2-9677404 - Fax: 880-2-9677441
We are tanners and exporters of Crust & Finished Leather of Cow, Goat, Sheep & Buffalo. In addition, we also export Split leather from cow & buffalo in Crust & Wet-blue condition. We can meet your requirements for any kind of crust & finished leather at most reasonable prices maintaining standard of quality and time schedule. Please let us have your requirements stating in details size range, grade/selection, sbstance, nature of tanning, type of finishes, purpose of end use, color and quantity so that we can send you samples along with our best offers.

Contact: ?
135, Hazaribagh Tannery Area, 1209 DHAKA
Tel: 88174417662 - Fax: 88028618564
Multy leather co. always production excellent quality leather in full chrome, semi chrome & full vegetable Cow & Goat Skin Crust / Finished & Lining also Wet Blue Split leather. Our leather is used for Shoe, Bag, Belt and ETC. Our leather quality meet the requiements of our customers. So do not hesitated of our leather quality. Please inform us about your needs.

Contact: Suman
81, Hazaribagh, 1209 DHAKA
Tel: 88-1712601244
We supply
- cow crust leather: full chrome - semi chrome - full vegetable - chrome free - nappa leather - lining leather - split crust leather
- cow finished leather: aniline - semi aniline - corrected grain/ boxicide - polished - lining finished - nappa milling leather - milling embo polish leather - f/g burnished finish - dye soluation finished.
- cow split leather: - especially chrome tanned/ full veg. Split leathers, in whole hide drop splits, double / single butt splits (pcs/sides) and shoulders leather.

Contact: Zaman
H-390, R-29, New DOHS,Mohakhali, 1206 DHAKA
Tel: 8802 9886946 - Fax: 8802 9885311
We can offer you full vegetable tanned color ful leather in drum dyed through crust, thickness 0.8--0.9mm, 1.2--1.4mm, 1.8-2.0mm 2.4--2.6 mm, 3.0--3.5mm and 3.5--4.0mm. We can supply the following colors : Pink, Red, Rose, Grey, Yello, Black, Beige and Natural. Please contact us for more details , quotations and free-samples.

R. A. International
Contact: Rizwan Alam
46/15, Dhalka Nagar Lane, Faridabad, 1204 DHAKA
Tel: 88-2-8354657 - Fax: 1-208-9750465
We are Leather Manufacturer, Leather Exporter, Leather Buying and Commission agents in Bangladesh. We have long experienced personnel and a well-organized energetic team to fulfill all your business requirements. We supply all types of Crust, Finished, Semi Finished, Nubuck, Napp, Suede,vegetable, Split, Wet Blue Split, Crust Split and all kind of Lining leather on GOAT, COW, BUFFALO, SHEEP and all kinds of leather for Garments, furniture, footwear, leather goods etc or as per our clientsí requirement. We can assure you that you will get timely shipment, required quality, quantity and a competitive price from us. On receipt of your query we will immediately revert with our competitive offer to you for your consideration and would appreciate a trial order that will establish our credentials. It is certainly in your knowledge that Bangladesh is very famous for its high quality of leather and skin. We are interested to work with your esteemed organization for long time business relationship. On receiving your positive response, we would immediately forward a price quotation as per your requirement of quantity and quality.