A-53, Block-N, North Nazimabad, 74700 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-6677045 - Fax: 92-21-6677045
We are manufacturers and exporters of leather and leather garments. We operate in a well equiped production facility under qualified technicians. Our products have a very good reputation. Our main production line is goat, cow and buffalo for lining and upper.

Contact: Mujeeb Haroon
P.O.Box 11419, Plot 11, Sector 7A, Korangi Industrial Area, 74800 KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 5054525 - Fax: 92 21 5060125
We specialize in the manufacture of finished leather and leather garments for men & women. Our garments are manufactured using good quality sheep, cow and goat leather all guaranteed to meet demanding international standards. We also product genuine leather ball bags. Looking for joint venture & buyers. Also interested in to represent chemicals & machinery manufacturers in our areas.

Contact: Osman Saeed Hakeem
4, Civil Lines, 50700 GUJRAT
Tel: 92-4331-517325 - Fax: 92-4331-523279
We are tanners and exporters of leather and lining for the footwear industry.( Cow, Buffle and Goat) - Full grain, Nubuck and many other finishes. Interested in our products? Send us a mail.

Contact: Muhammad Abdullah
10, Snober House, Street # 5, 54000 LAHORE
Tel/Fax: 92 42 7727292
We are exporters of all kind of leathers. We enjoy a good reputation among our customers worldwide. We can supply the following products: Leather for garments, Full finished Cow, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat skins, leather for uppers, full finished leather, drummed dried and white crust. Cow, Buffalo and Goat skins for lining. Feel free to contact us for detailed information.

Contact: Abdul Sami
Al-jazera Tannery Niaz Nagar, 55050 KASUR
Tel: 92-321-8037893 - Fax: 92-49-2761535
Exporter of Crust/Dye Crust, Lining, Finished leather or the Article on Demand on Sheep or Goat for shoes Specialy. If you are looking for quality, Substance & Thickness Feel Free to Contact Us.

Contact: Abdul Razzaq
Plot no 25 sector 7A, 75900 KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 5057526
We offer goat black finished nappa for shoes only in us$ 1 per square foot cnf - size : 5 to 8 - grade : 1 to 10

Contact: Khawar Hasnain
Belga House, Praim Nager, Abbot Road 51310 SIALKOT
Tel: 92 432 583777 - Fax: 92 432 590076
We are manufacturers and exporters of leather hides, leather shoe uppers, leather garments and leather motor bike garments. We are an old established company enjoying good reputation in the world market due to fine quality and guaranteed leather, early delivery schedule and reasonable prices. Our tannery is equipped with the latest machinery and highly qualified and experienced tanners who are engage to produce quality leather both in satin and mirror finish. We are specialist of all type of leather especially cow hide, manalianen, skipper, sheep, suede split, suede sheep, etc...All our leather is guaranteed and we are proud of being the only tannery in Pakistan going towards ISO 9000,9002 , ISO 14000. For full details please contact us for dealership all over the world.

Contact: Aftab Ahmed
A-53 Block -N North Nazimabad 74700 KARACHI
Tel/Fax: 92 21 6677045
We are an international operating company commercialising all kinds of leather. We are manufacturer and exporter of natural crust and finished leather of sheep, goat, cow and buffalow in variety of articles and colours. We are looking for buying agents for our products.

Contact: Mansoor Iqbal
Dada House Hide market G.T.Road 54900 LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-6811229 - Fax: 92-42-6813059
Finished Leather Goatskins for Shoe Uppers
Glazed Kid - Glazed Milled Kid - Goat Suede - Goat Linings
Finished Leather Cow calf
Aniline Polished Cow calf - Semi-aniline Cow calf

ELEGANT (Pvt) Ltd.
Contact: S Anwer Iqbal
17, J Gulberg III, 54660 LAHORE
Tel: 92 3008464633 - Fax: 92 42 5858719
We are tanners producing only sole leather from Buffalo hides. Thickness 2/3mm, 3/4mm and 3/5mm.

Contact: Rashid Ahmad
136, Ittefaq St Firdous Market Gulber, 54000 LAHORE
Tel: 92-322-4285518 - Fax: 92-42-5846665
Since 1989 we are manufacturers & exporters of wet blue, raw and dyed crust such as, buffalo, goat skin, etc. We regularly export items like: Buffalo for upholstery, finished and crust leather for sofas, white buffalo crust for furniture, sheep skin for garment and lining, Goat skin, Crust for shoes uppers and lining, Wet blue leather (Sheep, goat, Buffalo) and buffalo split leather.

Contact: Amir Haji
Mangal Mandi, Niaz Nagar, 55050 KASUR
Tel: 92 492-761413 - Fax: 92 492-765458
We are manufacturers of high quality leathers in cow, bufflow and sheep. We make leathers for all kind of equipment like jackets, pants, gloves, box, caps and shoes upper etc... Anyone interested can contact us.

Contact: Asad Qureshi
21 K.M. Ferozepur Road LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-5271734-7 - Fax: 92-42-5270094
We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality cow outsole leather (vegetable tanned). We import the world's best raw hides of cow and make sole leather in thickness† 3.0 - 5.0 mm.† We got Italian expertise in sole manufacturing.† We are one of the very few manufacturers in the entire subcontinent producing cow sole leather renowned best for their quality. Apart from other qualities required in an outsole leather, we have proved ourselves best in meeting the international standards for water absorption, water resistance roundness , flexibility and color etc.†If you have any query or interested in our products,† please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Jamal Nasir
51 G.T Road, Hide Market, P.O Box 1676 - 54900 LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-5271633 - Fax: 92-42-5271634
HST is involved in manufacturing and exporting of double face sheep leather and goat skin shoe lining leathers. Another unit of the company is simultaneously involved in the manufacture and export of leather garments. HST is a sister concern of well known "Shai Group" of Pakistan.

Contact: Mohammad Idrees
Plot 210 Sec 7a, Korangi - 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5056400 - Fax: 92-21-4553697
We are producer/tanner of leather linings and nappas for garments. We are looking for agents and buyers in several countries.

Contact: M. Hashmat
Din Garh, 55050 KASUR
Tel: 92 492761612 - Fax: 92 492762041
We can offer cow and buffalo lining for shoe uppers and Cow and Buffalo Crust for shoe uppers at very competitive prices.

Contact: Salman Jalil
14-Saleh Building, Malir City 75050 KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 401486 - Fax: 92 21 4511630
We are manufactures and exporters of Finished Leather which is mainly used for shoe uppers, lining, napa, made ups and a wide range of leather garments. We have established excellent relationship with our foreign customers and are determined to serve them with right quality of merchandised at competitive prices. Our successful efforts in this regard are acknowledged and hailed by our foreign patrons. Interested to do business with us? Send us a mail.

Contact: Tauseef Ahmed
56-B, First Floor, Textile Plaza, Dunolly Road 74400 KARACHI
Tel: 9221- 2411226 - Fax: 9221-5056513
We are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of leather for garments and shoes. We have latest imported machinery and ensure production according to strict quality control standards. Samples and references are available on request. Please contact us for best prices and timely deliveries. We are looking for new buyers and agents. Thanking you and hoping to hear from you soon.

Contact: Mohd Salim Vohra
Plot No 40, Sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area, KARACHI
Tel: = 92-21-5054780 - Fax: = 92 21-2410865
We are manufacturers, exporters and importers. We manufacture all kinds of leather for garments, shoes etc. We export finished leather and leather garments. We import blue leather, chemicals and machinery.

KHAS Pvt Ltd.
Contact: Naveed Mazhar
21 Km. Ferozepur Road, LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-5271734 - Fax: 92-42-5270094
We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of finished leather for garments and shoe uppers. We own 4 tanneries in different parts of Pakistan. We are offering garment leathers on very competitive prices. We are also producing lounge suite case leather with elephant print on buffalo hides. Please feel free to contact us.

Contact: Afaq Aslam
Plot no.532 Sector 7-A Korangi Industrial Area 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92 215054590 - Fax: 92 215054591
We are tanners and exporters of quality leather for shoe uppers and lining purpose from sheep, goat and cow leather. For inquiry please contact us.

Contact: Sh.M. Azam
Mohalla Boghara Daska Road Haji Pura, 420000 SIALKOT
Tel: 92-52-3560620 - Fax: 92-52-3250620
We are one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of all types of leather and all types of leather products since 1972. Our motto is timely deliveries for economic prices. We present the following range of leather: Wet blue - Washable leather - Water proof leather - Flame retard leather - Tacky leather - Aniline leather - Sheepskin leather - Goatskin leather - Cowhide leather - Vegetable leather - Upholstery leather - Lining leather - Upper leather - All types of leather whatever costumer demand.

Contact: Zeeshan Habib
10, Wood Borough Road, Putney SW15 6PZ LONDON
Tel: 44 7963172023
We are a London based Company , part of a Pakistan based family leather group , looking after and covering the Buyers and Agents of Europe and Far East. Our principal company Pelle Classics from Karachi-Pakistan are manufacturers and exporters of wetblue , white crust , dyed crust and finished leather for shoe uppers/lining , garments , bags , gloves and upholstry in sheep / goat / cow and buffalo. We have a production capacity of 16 million sqft/year which we are increasing to 20m illion sqft in 2007 . Currently we have six agents working for us in Italy , Spain , Germany , Greece , S.Korea and HongKong. For further details of history/profile/products and management details please visit our website

MNZ Corp'(Pvt)Ltd.
Contact: Imran Ismail
8/38 Arkay Square, Shahra Liaqat. 74000 KRACHI
Tel: 92 21 2416495 - Fax: 92 21 2422614
We produce and export finished leather for uppers, lining and clothing at very attractive prices. For further information send us a mail.

Contact: Amjad Hafeez
D-196/A, Haroonabad Industrial Area, Site 75700 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-2579041 - Fax: 92-21-2564391
MST produce and export a wide range of leathers including kid and goat skin for shoe uppers and linings in various types of finishes/executions. Main markets for MST are Germany, the Far East, Italy, North America, South America, Spain. Annual production is more than 30 million sq ft.

Contact: Sajjad Ahmed
Defense Road, 51310 SIALKOT
Tel: 92-300-6191623 - Fax: 92-52-3551634
We are specialised in chrome, crust, finished leathers, Automotive Leather, Belts leather, Bovine hides and leathers, Butts, Chamois, Croupons, Crust, Crust Chrome, Crust Vegetable Leather, in Grain and splits finish Materials, Flame retardents,Garment Leathers, Glaze Leather, Goat leather, Goat suede, Glove leather, Leather goods, lining leather, Nappa leathers, Nubuk, PU finish Leather, Synthetic Leather, Sheep skins, suede leathers, Upholstery Hide Leather, Upper chrome, semi-chrome & vegetable Leathers, Waterproof Leathers, Wet blue Leathers, White Leather

Contact: Zaheer Ansari/ Ayaz
32, Sector 23 KIA Korangi, 75500 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5050024 - Fax: 92-21-5067613
We are manufacturing and exporting genuine finished leather and leather garments around the world. We are looking for agents in different countries to increase our sales in the American and European markets. We work on private labels also.

Contact: Muhammad Bilal
New Market, Namak Mandi 25000 PESHAWAR
Tel: 92-91-2565009 - Fax: 92-91-213561
We are tanners of PU microporous Film lamination leathers in different grains and colours. These leathers are available in thickness 1.8-2.0mm for Shoe uppers, Sandals, Belts, Hand bags. Our leathers are waterproof, easy to clean with a damp cloth, durable and soft. All inquiries for export are welcome.

Contact: M.Bilal
Dir Colony, Kohat Ring Road, 25000 PESHAWAR
Tel: 92-91-2671009 - Fax: 92-91-213561
We are manufacturers of PU foil laminated on split leather for shoe upper, sandals, handbags, briefcase, belts etc. We have the ability to produce all pattrens, substances and colours as per customers request. All inquiries are welcome. A sample book is available.

Contact: Shafique/Saeed
25 KM GT Road Muridke, LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-7980360 - Fax: 92-42-7981714
We are the manufacturers of all kind of leather for the last 50 years and we have the reputation to make the best quality leather in Pakistan. Right now we are exporting leather all over the world and we have our own agents in every country. Please contact us to have information about the agents. Any other inquiries are also welcome.

Contact: Mian Naeem
418 M, Model Town LAHORE
Tel: 92 30 0553080 - Fax: 92 42 5168418
We produce high quality leather, cow, buffalo, sheep and goat. We can provide leather as well as we can provide finished goods like leather jackets gloves and bags. Our rates are highly competitive and we believe in quality. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Lutfullah Khan
Plot no 58,sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area, KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-505-4435 - Fax: 92-21-505-4436
We are one of the largest upper leather for footwear tanneries in Pakistan. Due to the high quality of our products we export all around the world. We also produce leather for military use. Swatches of all the products are available and we sell at very competitive prices. For further information please contact us.

Contact: Badre Alam
616 Uni Plaza I.I Chundrigar Rd. KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 2413223 - Fax: 92 21 2416526
We at Riaz Traders are specialised in leather and leather garments. Especially in sheep and goat. Our other products include leather scraps, leather patch sheets and leather bags etc. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any kind of information.

Contact: Imran Amin
56, Sector 7-A Korangi Ind. Area, 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5062525 - Fax: 92-21-5060494
We are the oldest and leading leather-leather garmetns-leather goods manufacturing / exporting company in Pakistan. Backed by over 120 years of experience and state-of-art factories equiped with sopisticated italian and french technology we are in a position to provide you any type of leather in any type of finishing in the shortest mean time at the most competitive prices. We can also supply you white crust / dyed crust for lining / gloves or for any other purpose as very special prices. We are also looking for agents to represent us in the Spanish market.

Contact: Shahid
Plot 37 sec 7A Korangi Industrial Area, 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 506 6227 - Fax: 92 21 753 1609
We are tanners and exporters of leather and lining for the footwear industry.( Cow, Buffle and Goat) - Full grain, Nubuck and many other finishes. Interested in our products? Send us a mail.

Contact: Murtaza
Plot no 169 Sector 23 Korangi Industrial Area, KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 5064193 - Fax: 92 21 5064390
We are producers of goatskins for uppers and garments. Cow for garments, splits for uppers, linings and garments.

Contact: Murtaza
Plot no 169 Sector 23 Korangi Industrial Area KARACHI
Tel: 92 21 5064193 - Fax: 92 21 5064390
We are leading tanners of leather and leather jackets from goat, sheep and cow. We produce goatskins for shoes and uppers. And splits for leather goods, uppers and garments.

Siddiq logo
Contact: Mohammad Musaddiq
51 G.T Road, Hide Market P.O Box 1676 LAHORE
Tel: 92-42-7970576 - Fax: 92-42-7970539
Manufacturers and exporters of cow and buffalo leather for shoe upper, bags, clothing and upholstery. SLW (Siddiq Leather Works) is an extension of "Shafi Group", the biggest group for leather and allied production and export from Pakistan.

Contact: Ali Azhar
Plot 62 Sector 7 A, Korangi Industrial Area, KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5054489 - Fax: 92-21-5060485
We produce Goat lining/Upper/Suede/Kid Glace (Dyed crust/Finished)- Sheep Lining (Dyed crust/Finished).

Contact: Shaikh Sarfaraz Amin
B-232,Block D North Nazimabad, 74900 Karachi (PAKISTAN)
Tel: 92-36725353
We are tanners of Goatskins, Sheepskins, Cow and Buffalo leather suitable for shoe uppers, shoe linings, gloves, handbags and garments.

Contact: Humayun Majeed
Plot No 8,Sector 23 Korangi Industrial area 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5060519 - Fax: 92-21-5865801
We are exporters of finished Garment leather. We have an "A-Class" Tannery ranking among first ten in Pakistan, equipped with fully automatic modern machinery of European origin and capable of producing 900,000 - 1,200,000 sq.ft per month. Our main products are:
1. Cow and buffalo garment leather: - Pure drum dyed leather full naked look or polish.- Semi Aniline finished full grain Nappa Leather. - Skipper (oily Nubuck type buffed grain.)
2. Goat and sheep skin clothing: - Nappa Aniline polished finish (full grain) good shine and brightness. - Semi Aniline Nappa (full grain) plated or polished, medium till high shine. - Pigment finished-medium to high shine.
3. Shoe uppers: - Glazed - Nubuck - Corrected Grain - Aniline and Semi- Aniline.
4. Goat linings: Resin - Metallic - Glazed - Pearl - Natural - Heel grip.
We are interested in those parties who may be willing to provide us Export/Buy back agreement of total out put/Joint venture and Technical collaboration in the tanning industry.

Contact: Muhammad Jamil
Plot 387/9 Sctor 7/A Industrial, 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5054385 - Fax: 92-21-5054385
We are tanners and exporters of all kind of leather and leather garments. Our main products are: Goat lining crust and dyed for shoes. - Goat upper crust and dyed for shoes. - Sheep and goat crust and finished leather for garmets. - Sheep and goat white crust for gloves. - Leather garments as jackets ,trousers ,skirts.etc.

Zahur Sancho logo
Contact: Noman Aqeel
Plot 46, Sector 7A, K.I.A - 74900 KARACHI
Tel: 92-21-5061786 - Fax: 92-21-5060343
Zahur Sancho (Pvt) Limited (ZSL), is a Spanish-Pakistan joint venture established in 1978 and is an ISO-9002 certified tannery in Pakistan. ZSL is associated with internationally acclaimed Rodrigo Sancho group of Spain. Zahur Sancho is backed by a group of Directors, whose ancestors have been in leather business for over 10 decades. It is blend of our experience and technology of Rodrigo Sancho group of Spain, which makes us, market Leader in the industry.