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On the occasion of the final physical meeting of the project on 7th and 8th March, project partners from Belgium (CEC), Greece (Cre Thi Dev), Portugal (CTCP and Virtual Campus), Romania (TUIASI) and Spain (INESCOP) gathered in Romania to plan the final stages of the project. 

The Erasmus+ ShoeGame project aims at attracting younger generations to footwear manufacturing studies, preventing school drop-out and maintaining students’ interest and motivation with an innovation training approach such as a serious game in VET education. 

The game, the main project outcome, has been designed as a learning tool for current or future VET students in footwear manufacturing, who will in addition will develop digital skills by playing. 

The game will be available on the project website at the end of March 2024. Once the final version has been launched, partners will begin the piloting phase. This involves gathering as much feedback as possible on the game from its target audience, namely VET students and teachers. To this end, the partners in Portugal (CTCP), Greece (CTD), Spain (INESCOP) and Romania (TUIASI) will be organising webinars to explain the concept of the game to teachers and students and will allow participants to interact with it while giving their feedback to the authors. These webinars should take place between 8 and 12 April. Follow our SHOEGAME Facebook page in the coming weeks for more information! 

If you are interested in getting involved with the Erasmus+ SHOEGAME project, you can contact any of the partners to find out the opportunities of being an active actor. The methodology has been designed to be replicated in VET studies of other manufacturing industries. You can also follow the progress of the Erasmus+ SHOEGAME project on our website and social media 

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C.E.C. Brussels 20 March 2024