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“We have extended our digital services for exhibitors and professional visitors. Along with the physical event in January 2021, we are also offering an additional virtual hybrid format that can be accessed from 28 January until 15 February 2021. This is our way of supporting our exhibitors, brands and professional visitors with an alternative option.” 

Ulrike Kähler 

Managing Director of Igedo Company 

Gallery Project Director 


Plans are currently still underway for the upcoming order event at the end of January 2021 in Düsseldorf, which will form a ‘fashion bridge’ between Gallery FASHION & Shoes and Supreme Women & Men. 

As Ulrike Kähler explained: 

“Düsseldorf remains an important German ordering location for the international fashion business, even in these unprecedented circumstances. For Gallery FASHION & Shoes, Igedo Company is also launching a new and accompanying hybrid version with the same look and feel as Gallery that will go on beyond the event itself.” 

The new digital version is “not an online shop”, however, but should emulate the same experience that visitors usually have at the Areal Böhler. “That is extremely important to us! Gallery has a real emotional appeal: rather than just renting out booth space, we offer a platform that really brings people together.” And this will be reflected in the design of the digital hybrid format, which will have the same high recognition value as Gallery with an informative reception area, conference zone for live or recorded media events like the DMI Fashion Day or trend presentations as well as a curated exhibitor area. 

The exhibitor area offers flexible options that enable exhibitors to personalise the 3D tradeshow booths with their brand logo, product presentations, image brochures and presentation films as well as graphic tools for displaying business-related facts and figures. Virtual appointments with professional visitors can be arranged via an integrated calendar function or through their “regular presence at the booth during usual business hours” via a sales rep avatar using text or video chat. 

If it is not possible for Düsseldorf’s order events to be held in physical form at the end of January 2021, Gallery FASHION & Shoes will be digital-only. “We are currently still planning a hybrid concept that seamlessly connects both worlds,” continues Ulrike Kähler. 

Current plans for the Areal Böhler 

If Gallery FASHION & Shoes is unable to take place in its physical form from 30 January until 1 February 2021, the Showroom Concept at the Areal Böhler will still be used by individual agents for pre-arranged appointments. These will take place in self-contained spaces (without other people passing through) and only by prior individual arrangement by the agent. 

“We help our partners to connect with each other long after the actual event and are constantly creating new opportunities for them to do that, whether digital or analogue,” concludes Ulrike Kähler. 

Upcoming dates 

Gallery FASHION & Shoes 30 January – 1 February 2021 

Showroom concept 28 January – 1 February 2021 

Digital hybrid version 28 January – 15 February 2021 

Gallery SHOES & Fashion 7 – 9 March 2021 

Showroom concept 5 – 9 March 2021 


Press release

Gallery SHOES

Düsseldorf, 17th December 2020